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Dominated Pool Guys

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Medical Humiliation

When a guy has a small dick, he has to be humiliated for that – this is the way this doctor is thinking and she is going to get some help by her assistant who is here to make sure he does what he is told. The first thing the poor dude needs to do … Continue reading »


Stripped and Milked

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Joyful Bitches and Naked Boys

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An Object Lesson to Wanking Boys

Three hot guys playing football, they were tired and wanted to take a shower, when they got into the public bathroom, you know that boys usually go nasty when they’re on the shower, so they started to wank their meaty cocks, little did they know that five ladies were spying on them. Ms. Winton which … Continue reading »


Lovely and Filthy Strippers

Lovely on the outside but filthy inside these sexy strippers can’t get enough of this slave game when males have to bear the nasty treatment without obvious reasons for that but kinky mood of the bossy whores. Do behave well and they might simply let you off with a blowjob in other cases the whole … Continue reading »


Strip Poker

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Two Posh Couples are Forced to Strip

That’s what a dinner should be with a couple of nasty chicks forcing lads to strip and let those stony tools hit their pretty faces. It is a special night with lots of dirty gaming that all the males are subjected to. Stripped naked they are told to keep those hands away while the ladies … Continue reading »


Office Humiliated Game

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