Simply all about forced to strip boys and girls, humiliated stripped naked couples.




Two Posh Couples are Forced to Strip

That’s what a dinner should be with a couple of nasty chicks forcing lads to strip and let those stony tools hit their pretty faces. It is a special night with lots of dirty gaming that all the males are subjected to. Stripped naked they are told to keep those hands away while the ladies are kneeling to suck them off and leave absolutely exhausted. Feel the heat of the night coming from the bitches. They knew it from the very beginning and those throat demanded satisfaction from the very moment the ladies entered the building. Feed those slutty throats and don’t object the brutal treatment.


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  1. naughty kiwi says:

    That sure is a turn on just imagine a posh dinner party and chicks breaking in and being stripped naked and then the bosses pretty wife stroking my hard cock and just to add to the fantasy the two Filipina maids are also told to strip completely nude

  2. teacher says:

    They will never be able to look at each other the same ever again. Monday morning is going to be awkward.

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