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What’s a Strip Bribe: The Story Behind Katherine Martinez and Everything You Need to Know About It

By this point in time, everyone has heard of the Strip Bribe. We are trying to get this situation even more publicity, because it’s outrageously disturbing or undeniably hot, depending on which side you’re on. Many people are ashamed to admit that they are turned on by this video, but we don’t see anything wrong with that. The model is beautiful, has an amazing body. This whole situation is really risqué. What’s not to love? It’s not your emotions and dignity at play here, anyway. Now, onto the story:

Not so long time ago, there was an outrage: a beautiful brunette model from Colombia was “forced to strip” by the officers. She was handcuffed, chained to a window and forced to put on an erotic show for the inmates at a prison. It wasn’t just a seductive dance, the cops instructed the model to lift her dress and expose her nether regions. Naturally enough, the Cali cops were smart enough to post the video on the internet. And they are bound to face some legal consequences because of that. They are, right? Maybe not…

Katherine MartinezThe model in question was identified as Katherine Martinez. Katherine is 27 years old, she has a kid. Her career path was long and winding: she was a physiotherapist at first, but now she’s a model, DJ, and an actress.

The video itself shows Katherine exposing her beautiful, toned/tanned body. She claims that the cops made her strip so she would get a chair to sit on. Katherine claims she agreed to perform a little dance because she was really drunk and had an injured ankle. She says: “All the police officers told me that if I wanted them to pass me a chair or take my handcuffs off, I had to take off my dress and show them my body. Then the male prisoners began to yell at me, “Yes, yes, lift your dress up.”

djThe event caused a huge uproar. Cali Police chief says he’s sorry, he says that his men are responsible for posting the footage online. Obviously, he knows exactly where the noble officers went wrong: not the blackmailing part, the posting online part. His quote: “She decided to take her clothes off and carry out obscene acts in the station but what we, as an institution, deeply regret is that what some police officers did was film what the woman was doing with their mobile phones instead of stopping her and protecting her integrity. Then the video was passed on via WhatsApp.”

modelWhat a hero, right? In the end of the day, he frames it as if Katherine was acting on her own accord. Morality aside, that’s not how you issue an apology anyway. Our actual hero, Katherine Martinez, has hired a lawyer to help her with a lawsuit. What will come out of it is unclear. People in the know are saying that the cops are going to get fired, but they don’t really know much about Colombian laws and corruption. The chances are: the police will find a scapegoat (or two), fine them and move on with their lives while Katherine Martinez has to live with it. Her quote: “emotionally I’m also very badly affected.”

No matter what the consequences are going to be, this video remains one of the most discussed “leaked” videos on the internet. If you honestly don’t understand what the fuss is all about, listen carefully – it’s no surprise that cops in some third-world country are easily susceptible to their primal urges: Colombia doesn’t have a great literacy rate or a crime rate, for that matter. You don’t expect them to behave. Police “brutality” is not what keeps people talking. It’s not the half-assed apologies, either.

It’s just the people find this video really hot. Deep down you know that Katherine liked it. Just look at her Instagram posts, she wants the attention, she’s a borderline stripper/sugar baby. She wants to be exposed. Honestly: the cops liked it, the inmates loved, Katherine loved it. She can try to retcon her own shameful experience with lame excuses like “I was drunk”, but you can tell by the way she moves – she enjoyed it. Just in case you need some more of that hot Latina stripping dance action – check out Live Cams. Full consent, no excuses, free and in HD.

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